Live VR/360° broadcast solutions

– Broadcast-grade camera rigs
– Reliable live stitching
– 360° apps framework
– VR apps framework

Live 360 productions made easy

Plug ‘n play

Automatic stitching

Long and durable cabling

Remote control of cameras

Standard 4K/UHD encoders

Standard 4K/UHD Content Delivery Network

Designed for TV studios and arenas

Minimum interference with your main production

This is how it works


A Voysys camera rig holds two or more professional cameras creating a 360 degree Field of View. The rig (including the cameras) is pre-calibrated in order to reduce set-up time.


The Voysys Render Engine “stitches” video streams from all the cameras in the camera rig into one single video stream. The de facto standard “equirectangular” projection and several proprietary, more efficient, projections are supported.


The rectangular video stream from the stitcher is encoded by standard 4K/UHD encoder(s) into one or several qualities.


The coded rectangular video stream is distributed by a Content Delivery Network. The CDN doesn’t need to support 360 video as it is only distributing a traditional rectangular video stream.


The video stream is played as a spherical projection creating an immersive experience for the user. The equirectangular format is compatible with most 360 players and app SDK:s. Voysys optionally offers an App framework which can be used when bandwidth efficiency is important or when there is a requirement for more advanced VR features. Voysys can recommend partners who can assist in building necessary apps.

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