Voysys customer Hiab, the world’s leading provider of on-road load handling equipment, today launched  their HiVision system at the Bauma exhibition. Thanks to Voysys real-time VR video technology, the crane operator can now stay in the safety and comfort of the truck cabin while operating the forestry crane.

Forestry cranes have, until now, been operated from a heavy and bulky cabin situated fairly high up in the air. Operators have been forced to leave the truck cabin and climb up a ladder to reach the crane cabin, something that could be challenging in cold or rough weather conditions. But from now on, the crane cabin could be history.

The HiVision system uses a camera rig positioned where the operators head would normally be. Two cameras face forward to create a stereoscopic 3D view allowing for good distance assessment. Additional cameras face towards the sides. The Voysys render engine stitches everything into a seamless 240 degree experience for the operator. The delay in the system is minimal, a natural requirement in order for operators to use the crane efficiently.

“This is the first real commercial launch we have seen of a machine being remotely operated using a VR headset”, says Torkel Danielsson at Voysys AB. “I am however convinced that it’s only the start of something that will change the industry completely.”

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